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Complete solution of your Wedding Photography and Cinematography .

A team of highly spirited and talented photographers,have been traveling all over India to capture different types of Weddings.

Complete solution of your Wedding Photography and Cinematography .a team of highly spirited and talented photographers,have been traveling all over India to capture different types of Weddings.

Sourav Pal Chowdhury

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Wedding Photography

Each wedding is customized to ensure that our wedding photos and video meet your expectations and are truly unique. And when we say customized, we guarantee a completely different package for each wedding – thematic videos, personalized albums, artistic ensemble of photos, CD/DVD , digital collage, even special black and white photos and special services for as per your requirements…. give us your budget, the date, time and venue anywhere, and we’ll be there, all set to shoot memories for a lifetime. We know your day is special.

Portfolio Photography

The main purpose of your online portfolio is showcasing your work and making it easy for people to contact you. Your web design should support this purpose. A web design based on simplicity allows your work to stand out. It also makes it easy for visitors to navigate your website. The more intuitive the design of your portfolio website, the better your work can be experienced. An artist's portfolio is an edited collection of their best artwork intended to showcase an artist's style or method of work.

Cinematography Photography

Cinematography is the science or art of motion-picture photography by recording light or other electromagnetic radiation, either electronically by means of an image sensor, or chemically by means of a light-sensitive material such as film stock. In addition to the main wedding video, we also provide an edited version of the full ceremony. We setup professional sound equipment and run 3 HD cameras during the ceremony.

Product Photography

Every product differs and we treat each product with equal importance and give it the look and focus it deserves. Industries are always tough cookies to crack and with business booming, everyone wants a big slice of the pie. No doubt the imposing structures, heavy machinery and all that concrete can be a very dull proposition, but not to us. Over the years, we’ve been providing our clients with creative industrial photography.

Commercial Photography

We undertake professional Commercial photography for our nationwide clients, who require print quality photographs of their factories, plants and industrial units. We offer the best rates and flexibility in terms of time and photography done as per our client's schedule. We deliver high quality digital images, after post processing for sharpness, color correction and other high level complex digital image editing.

Short Film

A short film is any motion picture not long enough to be considered a feature film. Bandhan photography defines a short film as "an original motion picture that has a running time of 40 minutes or less, including all credits". The term featurette originally applied to a film longer than a short subject, but shorter than a standard feature film.

Our awsome Work

The wedding photography consists of mainly posed portrait type photographs where the bride and groom and their guests are encouraged to look at the camera. These shots are normally directed by the photographer who tells the subjects where to stand how to stand where to face place their hands etc. Pure traditional is rare these days as almost all photographers will be taking non directed non posed or candid shots at some point during the day.

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Every photographer has a unique way of seeing through his camera.A photographer creative style and vision can be seen on their pre-wedding photoshoot galley.Don’t just pick up any photographer, do your research,compare photographers work with each other for best pre wedding photoshoot and than decide on whose work you find the best.Look at a few highlight galleries of pre-wedding photoshoot from each photographer to get a sense of their quality and style. But realize that these are their best clips from multiple pre-weddings, so once you like someone, ask to see a full pre-wedding shot list.Next step is to check if chosen photographer is your price range and are free on your date you decide.

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It may seem unfashionable to say so, but historians should seize the imagination as well as the intellect. History is, in a sense, a story, a narrative of adventure and of vision, of character and of incident. It is also a portrait of the great general drama of the human spirit. In a portrait, you have room to have a point of view and to be conceptual with a picture. The image may not be literally what's going on, but it's representative.

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I think that emotional content is an image’s most important element, regardless of the photographic technique. Much of the work I see these days lacks the emotional impact to draw a reaction from viewers, or remain in their hearts.

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